oh look a band ask thingy


Send me a band and I’ll tell you:

•Which member I’d most like to cuddle

•Who I’d most like to bang

•Who I’d most like to go shopping with

•Who would be the best cook

•Who I’d most like to listen to records with

•Who I would write love poems to

•Who I would go to the beach with

•Whose wardrobe I would steal

•Who has the best hair

•Who I would want music lessons from

(Feel free to add 😉)


Did this for a thing recently but I was late so I’m not sure if it counts anymore. Might fix it up a bit for a print or something.
  • Baby: S-s-s-s
  • Parents: Sis??? Sister???
  • Baby: September first, 1989. Dear diary, I believe I'm a good person. You know, I think there's good in everyone. But here we are, first day of senior year! And, uh, I look around at these kids I've known all my life, and I ask myself, "What happened?"